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Course Access Promise (CAP)

We would like to share with you information about the new Course Access Promise (CAP) program. The Department of Statistics is one of only three SFU departments participating in this program, which has been organized with the SFU Registrar, Student Services, and the VP Academic. The aim of the CAP program is to allow students to reserve places in specific courses up to two years in advance of their offering, which is intended to help you plan in advance and ensure you can sign up for that "course you have to take" in a particular semester. Participating in this program will grant you a lot more flexibility and control over your schedule.

  • Q: Who can participate in CAP? A: Students in Statistics major and honours programs
  • Q: What courses can I sign up for? A: Courses that are in Course Book (TBA)
  • Q: When will I learn more about this program? A: During the meeting on the 29th of November at 12:30 in K9509! More information to come!
    For more information please contact Sadika Jungic (sjungic@sfu.ca; phone 778-782-3665) in the Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science (K10543).


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