Economics Minor - Calendar Program Description

Below is a list of courses that might be of interest to a student wishing to pursue an economics minor. Note that this is only a recommendation and that there are many other possible courses that could be used.

Lower Division Courses

Code Credits Name Requires Reason WQB
Econ 103 4 Principles of Microeconomics   Required Q, B-Soc
Econ 105 4 Principles of Macroeconomics   Required Q, B-Soc
Econ 201 4 Microeconimic Theory 1: Competitive Behaviour ECON 103, ECON 105 Pre-Req for many Upper Division courses Q
Econ 291 3 Canadian Macroeconomic Policy ECON 103, ECON 105 Recommended Q

Upper Division Courses

Code Credits Name Requires Reason WQB
BUEC 333 4 Statistical Analysis of Economic Data ECON 103, ECON 105, STAT 270, MATH 251, 60 units Recommended Q
ECON 302 4 Microeconomic Theory 2: Stategic Behavior ECON 201, 60 units Recommended Q
ECON 305 4 Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory ECON 201, 60 units Recommended Q
ECON 435 5 Econometric Methods ECON 201, BUEC 333, (CGPA of 3.0 or permission of the department) Recommended Q
Total: 17        
Required: 15        


Econometrics, or the study of economic data, is a large branch of modern economics. Fortunately, it is an area that a stat major is well suited to work in. Your statistical expertise is well suited to help solve economic problems using data and statistical analysis.

Possible Careers (Please consult other resources e.g. Career Services)

  • Financial Analyst
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Econometrician