Cognitive Science Minor - Calendar Program Description

Below is a list of courses that might be of interest to a student wishing to pursue a cognitive science minor. Note that this is only a recommendation and that there are many other possible courses that could be used.

Lower Division Courses

Code Credits Name Requires Reason WQB
COGS 100 3 Exploring the Mind   Required B-Hum, B-Soc, B-Sci
COGS 200 3 Foundations in Cognitive Science COGS 100 Required B-Hum, B-Soc, B-Sci
CMPT 225 3 Data Structures and Programming MACM 101, (CMPT 125 or CMPT 126) Recommended Q
MACM 101 3 Discrete Mathematics 1   Recommended Q, B-Sci
LING 220 3 Introduction to Linguistics   Recommended B-Soc
LING 222 3 Introduction to Syntax LING 220 Recommended  

Upper Division Courses

Code Credits Name Requires Reason WQB
COGS 300 3 Selected Topics in Cognitive Science 60 units Required  
COGS 310 3 Consciousness COGS 100, COGS 200 Required  
CMPT 310 3 Artificial Intelligence Survey CMPT 225, MACM 101 Recommended  
CMPT 417 3 Intelligent Systems CMPT 225 Recommended  
LING 324 3 Semantics LING 222 Recommended  
Total: 15        
Required: 15        


Statistics provides a unique perspective on the field of cognitive science. Your experience working with data is useful to both research and applications within this field. The popular area of artificial intelligence also has large overlap with statistics.

Possible Careers (Please consult other resources e.g. Career Services)

  • Information Officer
  • Human-Computer Interactions Specialist
  • Market Researcher