Business Minor - Calendar Program Description

Below is a list of courses that might be of interest to a student wishing to pursue a business minor. Note that this is only a recommendation and that there are many other possible courses that could be used.

Lower Division Courses

Code Credits Name Requires Reason WQB
Bus 237 3 Introduction to Business Technology Management 12 Units Required  
Bus 251 3 Financial Accounting 1 12 Units Required Q
Bus 272 3 Behaviour in Organizations 12 Units Required  
Econ 103 4 Principles of Microeconomics   Required Q, B-Soc
ECON 105 4 Principles of Macroeconomics   Recommended Q, B-Soc

Upper Division Courses

Code Credits Name Requires Reason WQB
BUS 311 4 Introduction to Managerial Accounting and Financial Management BUS 251, 60 units Required  
BUS 341 4 Fundamentals of Marketing 60 units Required  
BUS 340 4 International Business Strategy 60 units Required  
BUS 401 4 Developing Organizational Opportunities BUS 311, BUS 340, BUS 341 Required  
Total: 16        
Required: 16        


Businesses have learned, particularly in the age of "big data", how valuable the discipline of statistics is. Stats can help management to quantify and understand the uncertainty that goes into making important decisions.

Possible Careers (Please consult other resources e.g. Career Services)

  • Business Analyst
  • Statistical Consultant
  • Business Analyst