Description Supervisor Student Semester Award Type
Alternatives to Gaussian Processes for Model Calibration D. Bingham R.Groenewald 1184 NSERC
Microbiome Research L. Wang Y.Gu 1184 NSERC
Improving the Hosmer-Lemeshow Goodness-of-Fit Test T. Loughin N. Surjanovic 1184 NSERC
Dealing with Statistical Challenges in Analysis of SFU-FLIP Study Data J. Hu P. Wei 1184 NSERC
Genotype Imputation for Statistical Analysis of Alzheimer's Disease J. Graham S. Liu 1184 VPR
LDheatmap code enhancements B. McNeney M. Reyers 1184 VPR
LDheatmap documentation revamp B. McNeney X. Yang 1184 VPR
Effect of Air Pollution on Public Health J. Cao B. Thind 1184 Big Key Data