Description Supervisor Student Semester Award Type
Sports Analytics T. Swartz D. Chu Summer NSERC USRA
Goodness of Fit Testing for Poisson Regression T. Loughin N. Surjanovic Summer NSERC USRA
Identifying and Cataloging Minimal SOS Designs B. Tang R. Groenewald Summer NSERC USRA
Comparison of software packages in Bayesian phylogenetics L. Wang G. Feng Summer VPR USRA
Inflation Modelling: Implications for Insurers and Pension Plans J.F. B├ęgin J. Tang Summer VPR USRA
Sports Analytics T. Swartz L. Wu Summer   VPR USRA
What's the successful trading rules in stock market? J. Cao B. Thind SummerBig  Key Big Data