SAS Certification

The department encourages both undergraduate majors and graduate students to develop computing skills that can make them more valuable in the workplace.  SAS offers a certification program where students can receive a certification credential by passing an exam.  While we are not affiliated with SAS in any way, we recognize the potential value that such a credential may have to students as they seek jobs.  We therefore offer to reimburse the student's discounted cost of one passed SAS certification exam (currently $90) for each undergraduate major and graduate student in one of the department's programs.  

Details on the entire SAS certification program can be found here:  We do not run this program. Details on scheduling an exam can be found through the same website.  Be sure to request an academic 50% discount, because that is the amount that we will reimburse. 

To arrange for reimbursement please contact the Dept's financial clerk (  Make sure that you email in your receipt and the message saying that you have passed the exam.