Statistics & Actuarial Science Graduate Students and Post Docs

Welcome! There are approximately 60 Statistics & Actuarial Science graduate students here at SFU, all of whom contribute substantially to our academic environment. Listed below are those who have consented to be on this webpage, in accordance with University privacy policies.

PHD STUDENTS                  

Chen, Guanzhou gca58 at n/a BDH
Espasinghege, Nirodha nepasing at n/a BDH
Feng, Jingxue (Grace) jingxuef at 778-782-4983 K9501
Ge, Shufei shufeig at n/a BDH
Guan, Tianyu tianyug at 778-782-9602 P9309
Guo, Lulu lulug at 778-782-9602 P9309
Hu, Boyi boyih at n/a BDH
Karunarathna, Chirith ckarunar at 778-782-9602 P9309
Lin, Luyao
lla24 at
778-782-6998 K10571
Liu, Dongmeng dla138 at n/a BDH
Liu, Yanjun  yla579 at n/a BDH
McDonald, Shaun swmcdona at 778-782-9602 P9309
Mortensen, Jacob jmortens at n/a BDH
Nickchi, Payman pnickchi at n/a BDH
Nieuwouldt, Christina cnieuwou at n/a BDH
Ratnasekera, Pulindu pratnase at 778-782-9602 P9309
Ruth, Will wruth at 778-782-9602 K10571
Sandholtz, Nate nsandhol at n/a BDH
Sun, Cheng-Yu chengyus at 778-782-9602 P9309
Sun, Meng (Maggie) msa209 at 778-782-9602 P9309
Thomson, Trevor tta51 at 778-782-9602 P9309
Tian, Jiahao jta134 at 778-782-9602 P9309
Wang, Haixu (Alex) haixuw at n/a BDH
Wu, Sidi wusidiw at n/a BDH
Wu, Yifan (Lucas) wuyifanw at n/a BDH
Xiong, Yi xiong at 778-782-9602 P9309
Xu, Mengxiao mxa19 at n/a BDH
Yang, Yuping yupingy at n/a BDH
Yazdi, Faezeh fyazdi at 778-782-9602
Zafari, Golara gzafari at n/a BDH
Zhang, Jiarui (Erin) jiaruiz at n/a BDH
Zhou, Haoxuan (Charlie) hza70 at n/a BDH
Zhou, Zhiyang zza115 at n/a BDH


Arsenault-Mahjoubi, Louis larsenau at 778-782-4983 K9501
Berkowitz, Matthew mberkowi at 778-782-4983 K9501
Chen, Siyuan (Jensen) sca269 at 778-782-4983 K9501
Cheng, Sihan (Echo) sihanc at 778-782-4983 K9501
Chu, Dani danic at 778-782-4983 K9501
Doig, Renny rennyd at 778-782-4983 K9501
Faught, Neil nfaught at 778-782-4983 K9501
Grant, Cameron camerong at n/a BDH
Gupta, Kanav kanavg at n/a BDH
Jeshang, Kunal kjeshang at 778-782-4983 K9501
Jiang, Haiyang (Jason) haiyangj at n/a BDH
Jin, Yige (Vivian) vjin at n/a BDH
Kim, Seyeon seyeonk at 778-782-4983 K9501
Kurz, Megan mkurz at n/a BDH
Lachaine-Loiselle, Maude mlachain at 778-782-6998 K10571
Liu, Sichen (Coco) sla214 at n/a BDH
Maciel, Dylan dmaciel at n/a BDH
Mansoor, Zubia zmansoor at 778-782-4983 K9501
McQuarrie, Lisa lmcquarr at 778-782-4983 K9501
Min, Joosung (Sonny) joosungm at n/a BDH
Mo, Fei (Michael) feim at 778-782-4983 K9501
Ng, Cherie cherien at n/a BDH
Phelan, Gabriel gphelan at n/a BDH
Reyers, Matthew mreyers at n/a BDH
Surjanovic, Nikola nsurjano at 778-782-4983 K9501
Tea, Peter 778-782-9602 P9309
Therrien, Joel joelt at n/a BDH
Thind, Barinder bthind at n/a BDH
Thomson, James jrt5 at 778-782-4983 K9501
Tu, Yunwei yunweit at 778-782-9602
Wang, Jie (John) wangjiew at n/a BDH
Xu, Xueyi (Wendy) xueyix at 778-782-9602
Yang, Xuefei (Gloria) xya51 at n/a BDH

Postdoctoral Fellows

Danielson, Aaron           adaniels at n/a              BDH
Schorlemmer, Andre aschorle at
n/a n/a
Shi, Haolun haoluns at n/a BDH
Cui, Qi cuiqic at n/a SC K10564

Visiting Research Students

Chen, Haitao htchenn at                               778-782-9602 P9309
Li, Wenlong wenlongl at 778-782-9602 P9309
Liu, Hua (Sara) hla256 at 778-782-9602 P9309

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