Program Requirements

Program requirements can change over time. To find out your individual requirements, you need to know your program and your requirement term. You can find this information on your advising transcript. In particular, in the section on the front page labelled "STUDENT PROGRAMS", you will find the programs in which you are enrolled (e.g., STAT major, CMPT minor) and the requirement term ("Req. Term") for each. The requirement term specifies the calendar (year and term) that describes your program requirements. E.g., if your requirement term is 1174, you are subject to the program requirements outlined in the summer 2017 calendar. However, you have the option of instead satisfying current program requirements, as outlined below.

Important Notes Regarding Changes to the STAT Major and Honours Programs

In Spring 2017, we added two new required courses (STAT 180 and STAT 240). Students with requirement terms of 1171 and later must complete these courses. Students with earlier requirement terms may take these courses as electives if they choose.

Students with requirement terms of Summer 2018 or later are no longer required to complete a minor (or satisfy the alternative requirement of 12 upper division units using courses other than MATH, MACM, or STAT courses, which we introduced in Spring 2017). Instead, they must simply complete 13 additional upper division units (to satisfy university requirements) using any upper division courses in which they are eligible to enrol other than STAT 302, STAT 305, or STAT 403. (Note that a minor program, which consists of at least 14 upper division units, satisfies this requirement.) If your requirement term is prior to 1184, you may choose to satisfy either this new requirement or the requirement described in the calendar corresponding to your requirement term. Note, however, that we continue to recommend that students complete a minor program. In addition, if you follow the new requirement, your Academic Progress Report (APR) might be inaccurate.

Finally, in Summer 2018, we increased the flexibility of our upper division requirements, changing the requirement "12 units in 400-level STAT courses (excluding STAT 403)" to "12 units in upper division STAT courses (excluding STAT 302, STAT 305, and STAT 403)". As a result, students may now count STAT 300W and STAT 380 toward these required 12 units.  If your requirement term is prior to 1184, you may choose to satisfy either the new or the old requirement. If you choose the new requirement, your APR might be inaccurate.

If you have questions about these changes, please contact Rachel Altman ( To confirm your program requirements and to report inaccuracies in your APR, please contact Sadika Jungic (