Lisa Oliver

Introduction to the Simon Fraser University Statistics Canada Research Data Centre

This presentation will provide an introduction to the Statistics Canada Research Data Centre located at Simon Fraser University. The SFU RDC opened in 2009 and is part of a network of over 20 RDCs across Canada and is a branch of the British Columbia Inter-University Research Data Centre. The SFU RDC provides researchers’ with access, in a secure university setting, to confidential microdata from Statistics Canada population and household surveys as well as administrative data holdings. The RDC program is an initiative of Statistics Canada and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council and also receives support from the Canadian Foundation for Innovation and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research. The RDCs operate under the provisions of the Statistics Act and data are only available to researchers with approved research projects and who have been sworn in as ‘deemed employees’. The RDCs provide opportunities to generate a wide perspective on Canada’s social landscape, train quantitative social scientists, and provide social science research facilities. Faculty and graduate students from departments such as economics, health sciences, criminology, business administration, and sociology have active projects at the SFU RDC. This presentation will also discuss available datasets and the process for applying for access. The web-site for the SFU RDC is: and we can be reached at for further information.