Eric Cai

Advice on working in the statistics industry from a recent graduate

When I went to Toronto to pursue my master's degree in statistics in 2011, I did not have any personal contacts and had no idea what statisticians do in their jobs.  After a lot of hard work in establishing a professional network - on top of an intense 8-month M.Sc. program - I found and started a job in industrial statistics 6 days after I finished my last final exam.  Now that I have worked in 3 different statistics jobs in both Toronto and Vancouver, I have learned some valuable things that could inform statistics students about how to pursue and succeed in a career outside of academia.

In this presentation, I will

1) Tell you my story about how I explored 7 different career paths in 10 different full-time jobs as an undergraduate before choosing statistics, and how those experiences have shaped my career.

2) Describe the work that I have done in 3 different jobs and my independent consulting practice in statistics.

3) Provide advice on how to succeed as a professional in the statistics industry, highlighting my use of blogging and social media