Scott Chamberlain

Building tools and community for open and reproducible research


Open science is the practice of making the elements of scientific research - methods, data, code, software, results, and publications - readily accessible to anyone. Reproducible science, essentially science that can be reproduced by others, is increasingly called for, and benefits greatly from the practices of open science. While open and reproducible science have great potential for advancing research, the lack of some parts of the open science toolkit prevents open and reproducible science from being more widespread. rOpenSci is building bridges between open data and the open source R programming environment. These bridges facilitate open and reproducible science by bringing together data acquisition with manipulation, analysis, visualization, and communication into an source, open science toolkit. Last, we are fostering an expanding community of domain experts that can benefit from our software development knowledge, while spearheading more software development than we can do alone. This community development is key to a the long-term success of open source software tools.