Audrey Beliveau

Data integration methods to better understand animal population dynamics


The study of animal population dynamics is important for the management and conservation of animal populations. A variety of surveys can be used for that purpose: capture-recapture surveys, population counts, newborn counts, dead recoveries, telemetry surveys, creel surveys (fisheries), etc. When a population is studied using more than one type of survey, the integration of all the data in a single statistical analysis can be very challenging and is currently an area of active research. In this talk, I will focus on recreative fisheries surveys that have two components: (1) A ground component where fishing parties are interviewed when returning from their trips and (2) An aerial component where the number of fishing parties are being counted by flying over the water body with an airplane. I will propose different estimation methods for this problem and compare their statistical properties. I will also study the optimal allocation of the sampling effort between the ground and aerial components of the survey.