Celia Greenwood

Identifying regions and sites of interest in DNA methylation data: an exploration of possible approaches


Methylated DNA becomes inaccessible to binding by other molecules, and hence methylation influences gene activity and regulation. Measures of DNA methylation are now available genome-wide, and the signals can be strongly correlated over small regions. I will discuss various ideas about how to analyze DNA methylation data in a way to capture the most informative patterns in the data. Methods discussed include partial least squares analysis and functional data analysis. This is a work in progress.


Speakers Bio:

Celia Greenwood is a Senior Scientist at the Lady Davis Research Institute in Montreal, and Associate Professor at McGill University. She has been working on methodology development in statistical genetics and genomics for almost 20 years, with recent contributions to methods for analysis of DNA sequencing data and rare genetic variants. Analysis of DNA methylation data is a new area of interest.