Departmental Seminar Series

Seminars will be held in IRMACS Theatre in the Applied Sceinces Building (ASB 10900) at 1:30pm(unless otherwise noted*).

Refreshments will be served at IRMACS Atrium 15 minutes prior to the seminar.

If seminars are held in K9509, then refreshments will be served in K9509 15 minutes prior to the seminar.

Summer 2014

Date Time Location Speaker Title
May 09 1:30 ASB 10900 Marti J. Anderson - Professor - Chair/Department of Statistics - Massey University, New Zealand Applying a fixed-random continuum in multi-factorial mixed-model inference
Jun 20 *2:30 ASB 10900 John Braun - Professor, Department of Statistics & Actuarial Science, University of Western Ontario Differential Equation-Assisted Local Polynomial Regression
Jun 27 1:30 ASB 10900 Ryan Lekivetz - Research Statistician Developer, JMP Division of SAS, North Carolina USA  What to expect when you're expecting (to finish)
Jun 27 *10:30 *K9059 Dr. Albert Cohen - Academic Director - Actuarial Program, Department of Mathematics/Statistics, Michigan State University  Bond and CDS Pricing with Stochastic Recovery: Moody's PD-LGD Correlation Model

Spring 2014

Date Time Location Speaker Title
Jan 17
*2:30 *K9509 Natalia Nolde, Assistant Professor - Department of Statistics, University of British Columbia
From geometry of the limit set to extremal dependence properties of light-tailed distributions
Jan 24 1:30 ASB 10900 Giles Hooker, Associate Professor - Department of Statistics / Department of Biological Statistics & Computational Biology, Cornell University Detecting Evolution in Experimental Ecology: Diagnostics for Missing State Variables
Jan 31 1:30 ASB 10900 Russell Steele, Associate Professor  - Department of Mathematics & Statistics, McGill University
A few things I didn’t know about handling non-adherence in randomized trials and a few other things I still don’t know
Feb 07 1:30 ASB 10900 Matthias Schonlau, Professor - Department of Statics & Actuarial Science, University of Waterloo
Semi-automated categorization of open-ended questions
Feb 21 1:30 ASB 10900 Mary Hardy, Professor - Department of Statistics & Actuarial Science, University of Waterloo Market consistent valuation and funding for cash balance pension liabilities
Feb 28 1:30 ASB 10900 Shane Reese, Professor - Department of Statistics, Brigham Young University Bayesian Compressive Sensing in Materials Science Computer Experiments
Mar 07 1:30 ASB 10900 William J. Welch, Professor - Department of Statistics, UBC Ensembling Classification Models Based on Phalanxes of Variables, With Applications in Drug Discovery
Mar 21 1:30 ASB 10900 Lei Sun, Associate Professor – Department of Public Health Sciences  / Department of Statistics, University of Toronto Statistical methods for genetic association studies with rare variants
Mar 28 1:30 ASB 10900 Luc Villandre , PhD student - Dept. of Epidemiology, Biostatistics, and Occupational Health, McGill University
Phylogenetic Clustering of HIV and its Connection to Sexual Contact Networks
Apr 03 4:30 *K9509 Luke Bornn - Assistiant Professor - Department of Statistics - Harvard University XY - Basketball meets Big Data
Apr 04 1:30 *K9509 Susan Shortreed, PhD, Assistant Investigator - Biostatistics Unit, Group Health Research Institute Outcome-adaptive variable selection for causal inference
Apr 11 1:30 ASB 10900 Rhonda Rosychuk, Professor, Department of Pediatrics / Director, Biostatistics Consulting Group, University of Alberta

Fall 2013

Date Time Location Speaker Title
Sep 20 1:30 ASB 10900 Oksana Chkrebtii - SFU - Statistics & Actuarial Science Modeling Discretization Uncertainty in the Solution of Differential Equations
Sep 27
ASB 10900
Joan Wan - Pacific Blue Cross - Vancouver
The Impact of Generic Drug Pricing Legislation and Actuaries' Role
Oct 4
ASB 10900
Kathryn Mills  - Canadian Border Services Agency, Ottawa From Cryptography to Big Data: A Career Path in Government Now
Oct 11
ASB 10900
Fareeza Khurshed - Government of Alberta, Edmonton Job(s) of a Statistician - Sample size of one
Oct 18
Jinhee (Jinny) Lim Jean-Christophe Rodrigue  and Satoru Ishida - DeNA Studios Canada - Vancouver, BC
Analytics for Games - Understanding our users
Oct 25
ASB 10900
Rob Balshaw - BC Centre for Disease Control, Vancouver Statistics at the BC CDC
Nov 1
ASB 10900
Jiahua Chen - UBC Statistics, Vancouver Imprinting Test for Disease-Associated SNPs Under Mixture Model
Nov 8
ASB 10900
Conghui (Flora) Qu - Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle Genome-Wide Meta-Analysis of Colorectal Cancer Studies in GECCO (Genetics and Epidemiology of Colorectal Cancer Consortium)
*Thurs. Nov 14 1:30 ASB 10900 Celia Greenwood - Lady Davis Institute/McGill Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Occupational Health, Montreal Identifying regions and sites of interest in DNA methylation data: an exploration of possible approaches
Nov 22 1:30 ASB 10900 Hubert Wong - Canadian HIV Trials Network/UBC School of Population and Public Health, Vancouver  Bio-(of-a-)Statistician
Nov 29 1:30 ASB 10900 Jenny Bryan- UBC Statistics/Michael Smith Laboratories, Vancouver Reproducible research, open science, and all that good stuff for people who use R to do stats