Departmental Seminar Series

Seminars will be held in the SC K9509 at 1:30pm (unless otherwise noted*).

Refreshments will be served in K9509 15 minutes prior to the seminar.

2017-2018 Seminar Series


Date  Time Locations Speaker  Title


19 1:30 K9509
Jens von Bergmann - Engineer, Mountainmath Software  Taking the pain out of census and other public data


02 1:30 K9509 Gary Chan - Associate Professor, Department of Biostatistics, University of Washington Terminal behavior of recurrent marker processes with informative failure events


02 1:30 K9509 Katrin Heitmann - Physicist & Computational Scientist, Argonne National Laboratory TBA
09 1:30 K9509 Doug Wiens - Professor Emertus, Mathematical & Statistical Sciences, Universtiy of Calgary TBA
16 1:30 K9509 Dave Apley - Professor, Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences, Northwestern University TBA
23 1:30 K9509 Sandrine Dudoit, Professor, Department of Statitics, Div of Biostatistics, School of Public Health University of Californiam, Berkley TBA


06 1:30 K9509   TBA

FALL 2017

Date  Time Locations Speaker  Title


22 1:30 K9509
Yi Li - Professor, Department of Biostatistics, University of Michigan, USA Conditional Network: A New Framework for Integrative Analyses
1:30 K9509
Chad He - Professor, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, University of Washington, USA
Statistical Approaches for Analyzing Cancer Somatic Mutation Data


06 Cancelled   Frederick Phoa - Associate Research Fellow, Institute of Statistical Science, Academia Sinica, Taiwan Circulant Orthogonal Array: Construction via GDS and Applications to fMRI Experiments
13 1:30 K9509 Maxwell Libbrecht - Assistant Professor, School of Computing Science, SFU Understanding gene regulation through graph-based posterior regularization in structured probabilistic models
27 1:30 K9509 Kwok Tsui - Professor, Systems Engineering & Engineering Managment, City University of Hong Kong Systems Monitoring and Personalized Health Management


03 1:30 K9509 Laura Cowen - Associate Professor, Mathematics and Statistics, University of Victoria  POPULATION DYNAMICS WITHOUT INDIVIDUAL IDENTIFICATION: HIDDEN MARKOV MODELING OF BATCH-MARKING DATA
*08 1:30 *ASB9896 John Neuhaus - Professor, Department of Epidemiology & Biostatistics, UCSF School of Medicine, University of California, San Francisco, USA An assessment of bias in longitudinal studies with outcome-dependent visits
17 1:30 K9509 Marie Auger-Méthé - Assistant Professor, Institute for the Oceans and Fisheris, and the Department of Statistics, University of British Columbia From footsteps to foraging: using movement models to understand animal behaviour


01 1:30 K9509 Grace Chiu - Seniour Lecturer, Research School of Finance, Actuarial Studies and Statistics, Australian National University Longitudinal modelling of crop root physiology as a breed-specific spatial response to environmental conditions