M.Sc. and Ph.D. Defences

This is the schedule for upcoming defences from graduate students in the Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science department.

Spring 2018

Date Time Location Degree Speaker Title / Abstract Link
Apr.13 10:30 K9509 MSc JinCheol Choi Decomposing the RV coefficient to identify genetic markers associated with changes in brain structure
Apr.23 10:30 K9509 MSc Ran Wang Understanding Multicollineariy in Bayesian Model Averaging with BIC Approximation.

Fall 2017

Date Time Location Degree Speaker Title / Abstract Link
Nov. 08 10:00 SSB 7172 PhD Abdollah Safari The use of submodels as a basis for ecient estimation of complex models
Nov. 14 10:00 K9509 MSc Sarah Bailey Forecasting Batting Averages in MLB
Nov. 24 1:00 K9509 MSc Haoxuan (Charlie) Zhou Bayesian Integration for Assessing the Quality of the Laplace Approximation
Dec. 14 10:30 K9509 MSc Richard Hsia Ranking and Prediction for Cycling Canada
Dec. 20 10:30 K9509 PhD Michael Grosskopf Bayesian methodology for latent variable modeling in applied physics and engineering