Statistics and Actuarial Science Endowment Awards

I   Award to Recognize the Statistical Society of Cananda

This award is offered to an undergraduate student who is a declared major/honors in Statistics and/or Actuarial Science and who is promoting Statistics and Probability. The criteria for selection for the award are academic merit and a commitment to the mission of the Statistical Society of Canada (SSC).

The SSC is a national organization representing statisticians from across Canada. Its mission is to encourage the development and use of statistics and probability.

To achieve this, the Statistical Society of Canada:

  • helps to develop a public awareness of the value of statistical thinking and the importance of statistics and statisticians in Canadian society;
  • works to ensure that decisions affecting Canadian society are based on appropriate data and valid statistical interpretation;
  • promotes the highest possible standards for statistical education and practice in Canada;
  • promotes the development of statistical methodology;
  • promotes a sense of community among all statisticians in Canada;
  • provides a forum for the exchange of ideas between theoreticians and practitioners of statistics.

This award was generously endowed by the Statistical Society of Canada using proceeds of the net revenue from the SSC Annual Meeting held at Simon Fraser University in 2001.

Year Award Winner
2016-2017 Christopher Kevin
2015-2016 Philippa Swartz
2014-2015 Mengyi Li
2013-2014 Sonja Surjanovic
2011-2012 Jeffrey Ting
2010-2011 Yifan (Mike) Xu
2009-2010 Huijing Wang
2008-2009 Jing Cai
2007-2008 Jervyn Ang
2006-2007 Feng Gao
2005-2006 Rina Wang
2004-2005 (Kyle) Kuan-Chiun Wu
2003-2004 Ruowei Zhou
2002-2003 Clement Wu


II   Academic Merit Award

This award is offered to students who are registered honors or major students in Actuarial Science or Statistics. The primary criterion for selection is academic merit.

Year Award Winner
2016-2017 Ebrahim Adeeb, Sihan Cheng, Richard Groenewald, Nikola Surjanovic, Philippa Swartz, Zhen (Jenny) Wu
2015-2016 Brian Ching, Albert Kho, Yu (Wayne) Wang
2014-2015 Yifan Hao, Chuyuan Lin
2013-2014 Hao Chu, Hongshi (Jenny) Li, Mengyi Li, Yufeng Qi, Lu Yi
2012-2013 Bo Chen, Braden Rustand, Jing Wang
2011-2012 (Jerry) Xuheng Chen, Yuefeng Ji, Braden Rustand, Yueren Wang, Shuai Yang
2010-2011 Mandeep Bariah, Jeffrey Ting, Xiaoting (Sunny) Wang
2009-2010 (Raymond) Yejun Song, Roger Yang
2007-2008 Phillip Jang, Yinlai Meng, Roger Yang
2006-2007 (Robbin) De Hu, Victoria Laan, Shuo Lu
2005-2006 Raymond Chiang, Yi Zhang,
2004-2005 Feng Li, Yew-wei Lim, Xiao Lu Wang
2003-2004 Dong Chen, Yanna Hu, Xiao Wang, Clement Wu
2002-2003 Dong Chen, Lin He, Julia Lin, Wei Claire Zhang
2001-2002 Alex Kwan, Andrew Loach, Darcy Pickard, James Wong