2003-2004 Statistical Society of Canada Endowment Award

Ruowei Zhou

The Statistical Society of Canada Award will be presented to an undergraduate student who is a declared major/honors in Statistics and/or Actuarial Science. The criteria for selection for the award are academic merit and a commitment to the mission of the SSC.

Ruowei Zhou writes:

"My first degree and PhD degree are in computer science. After graduation, I spent several years doing image processing and pattern recognition related R&D works in Singapore. In 2003, when my family immigrated to Canada, I found that it was the time for me to replan my future and rethink my career. After some researches, Actuarial Science seems a good choice for me. It involves a lot of mathematics and statistics. It also plays an important role in people's every day life: insurance, pension, finance, and other areas. The study in Actuarial Science is challenging and fascinating. It convinces me that the program I choose is what I want."

"My goal is to be a fellow in Actuarial field. I'm confident that I will excel in my study and future works."