2003-2004 Statistics and Actuarial Science Endowment Award

Yanna Hu

This award is presented to a student in the major/honor program with high academic standing.

"I emigrated to Vancouver 2 years ago. Having some background knowledge in computer science, I started to find jobs just after I had settled down in Vancouver. It did take me some time to find a job since I had no idea about the demand of the local labor market. Fortunately, I got my first job in a trading company as a clerk after 2 months. But later, I found this job wasn't what I want. I like a challenge one!"

"I learned about Actuarial Science from one of my friends in US. He advised me being an Actuary is one of the top five jobs in North America. However, he also warned me that studying actuarial stuff need painstaking. As an aggressive person, I decided to take this challenge. After an Internet research, much information about Actuary popped up: "it's challenging, and at the same time, very rewarding", "it's a place to applying math in a business context" All of these wording attracted me deeply and made me insist on the decision to be an actuary."

"There would be some hard time for me to overcome on the way to be an actuary. However, I have promised to myself I would try my best to do well in Actuarial major and SOA exams. I am sure all of these can make all the differences."