2003-2004 Statistics and Actuarial Science Endowment Award

Dong Chen

This award is presented to a student in the major/honor program with high academic standing.

"I got my first degree ten years ago and worked in the financial investment field in China. When I learned about the actuary profession from the newspaper five years ago, I knew immediately that was the career I was looking for. It could integrate all my knowledge and skills. But frankly I didnbt know what the actuary actually doing besides setting insurance premium at that time, and there werenbt much programs and FSA or ASA in China."

"After an Internet search, I found that North America was the best place to study actuarial science and develop my career. So I immigrated to Vancouver three years ago with my wife. I have no relatives and friends here. I encountered tremendous challenge as a new comer in this totally new environment."

"Fortunately, I was accepted by SFU in the fall 2001 and back to school again. I directly took the actuarial course because of my previous education background and found it fascinating. I like to deal with number and solve problem with uncertainty. One year later, I got a co-op job in a pension administration company. This co-op experience strengthened my confidence that I have chosen the right career path. After this eight-month co-op, I was immediately accepted by another pension consulting company on a part-time basis. Although it will postpone my graduation, I think it is worthwhile to accumulate more work experience."

"I will graduate this April with passing the first 4 SOA exams. Ibm busy in preparing the course 6 for May. I just hope I can become ASA soon after graduation."