2002-2003 Statistics and Actuarial Science Endowment Award

Wei Clair Zhang

This award is presented to a student in the major/honor program with high academic standing.

"I came to Vancouver about two years ago. I started my study in SFU as a computer science major, but soon realized that pure computing is not my interest after taking several computer science courses. Then I researched other areas where I still could use my strong math skills and found actuarial science program. I was quite fascinated to see how widely mathematics techniques and statistic models, combined with economic and finance knowledge can be applied in actuarial field. And I thought this would be something Ibd like to do for my career, so I made a switch to enroll in actuarial science program."

"I worked as a TA in STAT workshop for one semester, and currently I am working on a research project to estimate number of fish in a lake. It helps me to gain the real world experience in scientific research."

"I will finish my required courses and graduate next year. I will continue to write SOA exams and try to get the professional designation as an actuary. And I probably will pursue my master degree either in statistics or actuarial science too."