2002-2003 Statistics and Actuarial Science Endowment Award

Julia Lin

This award is presented to a student in the major/honor program with high academic standing.

Julia Lin writes: "My family has always been a great support and motivation to me in my life. It was also my parent's idea to emigrate the whole family from Taiwan to Canada just to provide a better living and educational environment for me and my brother. While in Taiwan, my father did not have a stable career, but now he is a tour guide in Canada introducing all the famous and beautiful attractions of Western Canada to tour groups from Taiwan. In contrast to my father, who shows up at home only about twice a month, my mother is a typical housewife taking care of my brother's and my everyday life."

"If I were to say that I would not have been who I am now without my dearest parent's support, I might as well say that I would not have made a clear educational goal without my older brother's advice. When I first came to Canada , I soon became involved in the high school study at the age of 14. With a little bit of talent and plenty of hard work, I was able to overcome the language barrier and complete my high school education with a fairly high academic merit. However, when I was applying for university, somehow I could not find a program that interested me. It was my brother, who introduced me to Actuarial Science, and helped me to start a meaningful pursuance of education at SFU."

"During my first actuarial course, I found it fascinating and challenging, making me wonder how it would be to actually work in an actuarial profession. No matter what career path I will take, I hope that I can live a life as meaningful as it can be, not just to satisfy my parent's anticipation towards me, but also to make my life regretless."