2001-2002 Statistics and Actuarial Science Endowment Award

Alex Kwan

This award is presented to a student in the major/honor program with high academic standing.

"Numbers have always been a fascinating subject to me. Instead of watching basketball on television, I would study the online per-game statistics to learn whether the Vancouver Grizzlies improved this season. Instead of remembering the actors and actresses, I would know the box office for the top grossing movies. Instead of studying, I would figure out how my grades will improve if I had studied well, not quite. But that is the idea - numbers and statistics are fascinating."

"My first exposure with statistics was a mandatory engineering statistics course. I was intrigued by the idea of probabilities and distributions, and so decided to take the next course. The snowballing effect has turned me into a candidate double major for Statistics and Engineering Physics. It is amazing how far my heart carried me, who was just one of the many lost kids coming out of high school."

"My next goal in life is graduate school. After gaining a vast array ofs knowledge as an undergraduate student, I feel a need to refine and specialize. Moreover, it is necessary to pay my debts to ones who had helped me, and I hope my hours in the statistics workshop will be useful for other aspiring students."

"I am honored to receive the Department of Statistics and Actuarial Award."