Payroll Appointments

Forms To Complete                     

Print, Complete and Sign the following forms:  

  1. Personal Data Form If you have prolems viewing this form, right click the link and 'save link as...' to your desktop. Instructions
  2. Federal Tax Form & Provincial Tax Form  - Tax forms must be completed to ensure correct tax rate is applied to taxable income. Please estimate your annual fees in Canada. If you are not certain of the amount to enter on the Tax froms, please sign the forms and Payroll will default to basic exemption. Tuition Fee - Click Research Programs > full-time fee
  3. TSSU Assignment of Wages Form - Not required for Research Assistant Appointments or USRA Appointments

Please submit the following documents with the above forms:

  1. Void Cheque OR a pdf of your Bank Account Verification/Direct deposit form. International students will need to set up a Canadian bank account.  Please make sure you have a ‘bank verification ‘downloaded from your online banking (Canadian),  or a printed form from your bank branch. (not a handwritten)
  2. Study or Working Permit - International Students
  3. SIN letter from Service Canada  International Students
  4. Permanent Residence - submit a copy of your PR card front and back, and your SIN card front and back or your SIN letter

All completed forms and documents should be submitted to:

Kelly Jay, Graduate Secretary - SCK10547 or scan to (


Miscellaneous TSSU & Payroll Information

TSSU Information

Important TSSU Benefit Info

General FAQ's, Benefits, Collective Agreement etc, can be found on the Human Resourse TSSU INFO webpage or on the TSSU Webpage

View PayStub & T4 Information

  1. Go to and log on with your SFU Computing ID & Password.
  2. Select Payroll and Compensation Home
  3. Select View Paycheque

This will bring up your most current PayStub (these are posted on the Wednesday afternoon before payday).  From here, if you'd like to view older PayStubs, select View A Different Payment which is located on the top right under your Net Pay, Check Date, Salary Info

How to Access Your T4 Online
How to Accept Online T4's Rather than Paper Copies