SFU Surrey Statistical Consulting Service

The SFU Surrey Statistical Consulting Service provides expert statistical advice to individuals working on data-based research projects.

We are a unit of the SFU Statistical Consulting Service. We work with both internal clients from SFU Surrey and external clients from throughout the Lower Mainland, and especially the Fraser Valley.


We can provide a wide range of services, including:

  • Idea development and refinement, including planning of grants and protocols
  • Study design
  • Sample size determination
  • Statistical analysis (we can advise you, or we can conduct the entire analysis in-house)
  • Summary and presentation suggestions

Our level of involvement in a project can be as limited or as substantial as your own needs dictate.

Value Added

“It is easier to steer a ship than it is to raise it off of the ocean floor.”

We can provide expert help during any phase of the research process. However, the best time to talk to us is in the planning stage of your study. Far too often expensive research efforts are undermined by ineffective designs that can invalidate the entire study. We can help you to avoid common but subtle pitfalls and to design a valid and productive study. This is much easier than trying to salvage useful results from an improperly-designed study.



The SFU Surrey Statistical Consulting Service is headed by consultant Marie Loughin, MSc.  Marie has more than twenty years’ experience in statistical analysis and SAS programming. She has worked with researchers in diverse fields of study, such as pharmaceuticals, education, biomedical physiology and kinesiology, and interactive arts and technology.

The SFU Surrey Statistical Consulting service also has access to the expertise of all members of the faculty in SFU’s highly-respected Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science. We also employ additional staff to help serve your needs.


All work is charged at an hourly rate that is very competitive. However, to encourage pre-study planning, the fee for the first hour of consultation may be waived for SFU Surrey researchers seeking advice on the initial design of their study. Also, some consulting research faculty may be willing to substitute co-authorship on publications for payment when a deeper collaboration is warranted. These exceptions must be arranged prior to consultation.


For more details or to set up an appointment, contact:

Marie Loughin
E-mail: mloughin@sfu.ca